Elizaveta Kuznetsova, PhD

Lead Energy-Economy Modeller

Dr Elizaveta Kuznetsova is a Lead Energy-Economy Modeller at ESMIA Consultants.

  • She is in charge of NAGEM Canada, the next-generation hybrid multi-regional dynamic macroeconomic model. Its application is indispensable in evaluating the impact of energy and climate policies on economic growth, public welfare and employment in Canada, its provinces and territories.
  • Elizaveta leads projects exploring profound economic transformation in response to energy and climate policies aiming for net-zero targets, with a focus on job and equity impacts.
  • She was involved in projects commissioned by provincial governments (British Columbia, Quebec and Manitoba) to provide modelling results that were used to draft climate action plans, study the optimal allocation of clean energy resources, and analyze the impact of long-term investments on gas and electricity tariffs and death spiral effects.
  • She is also the leading developer of ProsumArise, an agent-based model for studying how energy policy affects the advent of prosumers. 

Elizaveta was a contributor of Canadian NSERC Energy Storage Technology Network and Energy Modelling Initiative, and she is a member of Canadian Smart Grid Action Network. She is the first author of scientific publications in the areas of energy policy, power systems, and renewable and sustainable energy.

Prior to ESMIA, Elizaveta worked in France, Singapore and Canada on the development of decision-making methodologies to support sustainable design and operations of smart grids, eco-industrial parks, waste-to-energy infrastructure, microgrids and electricity prosumers. The model optimizing long-term investment strategies in national waste-to-energy infrastructure, which she co-developed during her work at the National University of Singapore, is used by the National Environmental Agency of Singapore.

An engineer by training with a M.S. in Fluid Mechanics, specialized in Energy, from the ENSEEIHT of Toulouse, Elizaveta obtained a M.S. in Sustainable Engineering and Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (France).