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ESMIA’s reputation is well established in the private, public, and research sectors for advanced and up-to-date energy system modelling know-how. We use our proprietary integrated optimization and energy model, NATEM, to provide end-to-end energy modelling services so that you can develop the best possible climate and energy policies.

We pave the way to a world of opportunities.

Take advantage of ESMIA’s consulting services for energy system modelling to analyze what the future holds for your company, government, or organization as you embark on a path to a more sustainable energy future.

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Training the modellers of tomorrow

ESMIA is committed to developing the modellers of tomorrow—for a better tomorrow. We offer an array of training seminars for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users. We can familiarize them with existing models or help them create their own.

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ESMIA can tackle the most complex and large-scale energy system modelling and consulting projects with rigour, efficiency and practicality. Our analyses provide the breadth of scope you require, giving you peace of mind you are making the right choices.

Worldwide, national and local energy producers

Technology developers

Government ministries, agencies and departments

Universities and research centers

NGOs and philanthropic foundations

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