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As a trusted partner in energy system modelling and consulting, ESMIA brings the multi-faceted approach clients need to overcome the technological, economic, and environmental complexities in the world’s transition to innovative and more sustainable energy sources. Explore some of our recent projects!

3E modelling with NATEM


Compliance Costs under the Clean Fuel Regulations: Estimating near-term credit prices, compliance costs, and impacts on fuel prices

Independent Assessment funded by Environment and Climate Change Canada


The Future of building heat and the natural gas network in a net zero Canada

Canadian Climate Institute (Canada)


Modelling hydrogen’s potential across multiple sectors of the Canadian economy and Biennial Hydrogen Strategy Report for Canada

Natural Resources Canada (Canada)


Cost Effective Energy Pathways Study for Ontario

Ontario Ministry of Energy (Canada)


Developing global best pratice modelling for an optimal development of the Canadian forest sector for climate change mitigation and economic growth

Client: Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada (Canada)


Building an online Pathways Explorer for a large variety of net-zero scenarios for Canada

Client: Institut de l’énergie Trottier (IET) and Natural Resources Canada (Canada)


Modelling the impacts of the federal Liberal Party’s climate plan and estimating the gap to achieving Canada’s 2050 net-zero target

Client: Clean Prosperity (Canada)


PARIS REINFORCE – Building a low-carbon and climate resilient future: climate action in support of the Paris Agreement

Client: Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy (IEECP) for the European Commission (Belgium)


Optimal GHG reduction trajectories for Quebec – Horizon 2030 and 2050 (Update 2021)

Client: Quebec Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MELCC) (Canada)

Custom model developments


Development of the Local Emissions for Net Zero (LENZ) Modelling Suite for Toronto: coupling a strategic energy system model with a power system operation model

Client: City of Toronto (Canada)


DIAMOND – Delivering the next generation of open Integrated Assessment MOdels for Net-zero, sustainable Development

Client: European Commission


Development of a sophisticated TIMES optimization model for energy, electricity and greenhouse gas emissions projections in Quebec (Canada)

Client: Quebec Ministry of Finance and Quebec Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (Canada)

Capacity building, training and support


Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) Colombia: consolidation of sector GHG emission scenarios and assessment of abatement costs

Client: The Flemish Institute of Technology Research in Belgium for the World Bank, with the Universidad de los Andes (Colombia)


Teaching optimization techniques applied to the climate mitigation challenge in Benin.

Client: Institute of Mathematics and Physics in Dangbo (Benin) supported by the World Bank through the African Center of Excellence in Mathematical Sciences and Applications


Capacity building to build an optimization model and secure energy future in Ethiopia

Client: International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington D.C. (USA)

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