Custom model developments

DIAMOND – Delivering the next generation of open Integrated Assessment MOdels for Net-zero, sustainable Development


Client: European Commission

DIAMOND is a large scale project involving 19 partners to update, upgrade, and fully open six integrated assessment models (IAMs) that are emblematic in scientific and policy processes, improving their sectoral and technological detail, spatiotemporal resolution, and geographic granularity. It aims at further enhancing modelling capacity to assess the feasibility and desirability of Paris-compliant mitigation pathways, their interplay with adaptation, circular economy, and other SDGs, their distributional and equity effects, and their resilience to extremes, as well as robust risk management and investment strategies. This is be done via integration of tools and insights from psychology, finance research, behavioural and labour economics, operational research, and physical science. ESMIA is contributing to the development of a state-of-the-art global energy system optimization model (in fully open access) based on the TIMES model generator of the ETSAP-International Energy Agency.

Other projects in this category


Development of the Local Emissions for Net Zero (LENZ) Modelling Suite for Toronto: coupling a strategic energy system model with a power system operation model

Client: City of Toronto (Canada)


Development of a sophisticated TIMES optimization model for energy, electricity and greenhouse gas emissions projections in Quebec (Canada)

Client: Quebec Ministry of Finance and Quebec Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (Canada)