Impactful mathematical modelling.


ESMIA takes the guesswork out of choosing the most viable energy and climate technology strategies for your future.

Your transition to a resilient energy future begins with ESMIA.

Leveraging NATEM, our proprietary platform for energy system modelling, or customizable energy system models, ESMIA helps you build a rock-solid foundation to achieve your energy and climate objectives—without compromising economic growth or industry leadership.

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Pivoting toward future-proofed business strategies is never easy. And taking the right decisions requires both the fine details and the bigger picture. Rely on ESMIA’s team of experts to eliminate the blind spots and shed light on the insights you need.

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A proven track record in energy system models and consulting.

ESMIA works with high-profile public and private organizations around the globe to elevate their climate change analyses and optimize their risk management.

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