Modelling expertise for a resilient energy future and prosperous economy

ESMIA offers a wide range of solutions to help you make the best and most sustainable decisions for your organization. Our integrated 3E (energy-economy-environment) systems are renowned for their effectiveness and efficiency in examining the true impacts of alternative energy solutions.

North American TIMES Energy Model

Based on the TIMES family of models, NATEM is ESMIA’s proprietary and proven energy systems model. It is typically used to assess the evolution of energy systems, energy prices, emerging technologies, GHG mitigation options, and mitigation costs.

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North American General Equilibrium Model

A proprietary model developed by ESMIA, NAGEM is a new generation of computable general equilibrium (CGE) model that enables scenarios of net-zero emissions and derives the impact of new energy and climate policies on the economy.

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an agent-based model for prosumers

ESMIA’s ProsumArise, an intelligent agent-based model, simulates the transformation of conventional consumers into prosumers under a given energy policy, for a given jurisdiction and for a long-term horizon.

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Customized energy models to build your capacity

Need a custom energy systems model for a specific techno-economic analysis? Lack the in-house expertise or time to build energy optimization or simulation models?

ESMIA’s team can evaluate your requirements to develop turnkey energy systems models that factor in your unique technological, economic, and environmental ecosystem.

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