Anna Cybulsky, M.Sc.

Energy System Modeller and Consultant

Anna Cybulsky is an Energy System Modeller and Consultant with ESMIA.

  • She has experience modeling the hydrogen sector coupled with the power sector to co-optimize capacity expansion and dispatch for future energy demand under strict emissions constraints. 
  • She advises clients on hydrogen strategy as a means for decarbonization and policy actions impacting the sector.
  • She develops new applications of the NATEM energy systems optimization model and works on end-to-end modeling process improvement from data preparation to output visualization.
  • She explores new business opportunities to use energy systems models in innovative ways to support the private sector in market assessment, techno-economic trades, and analysis of policy impact on future business.

Anna is interested in clean energy, climate tech, and entrepreneurship, particularly as it relates to transforming the transportation sector. With five years of international experience in simulation and modeling across the automotive, aviation, and energy industries, she can adapt quickly and she brings an entrepreneurial mindset to solving complex problems.

Anna began her career in the automotive sector in Germany and India, where she implemented safety processes and developed new methods for evaluating vehicle braking system performance through data. Afterwards, she joined Airbus in France, where she led electrical system modelling activities for flight simulators and developed a multi-system integrated simulation to evaluate new aircraft architectures.

Anna holds a Bachelor’s of Mechanical Engineering from McGill University and a Master of Science in Engineering and Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her research focused on techno-economic modelling and optimization of hydrogen supply chain for aviation demand under different technology scenarios.