Doğancan Beşikci, M.Sc. M.Eng.

Energy System Modeller

Brave modeller testing advanced features in energy system modeling, identify optimal conditions for increasing the market penetration of technologies.

Doğancan is an Energy System Modeller at ESMIA where he is testing and implementing advanced features in the North American Times Energy Model (NATEM), supporting the ESMIA team with modelling work for complex projects. His recent accomplishment included the integration of retrofit options in the optimization program and documentation of hourly data for key renewable energy technologies and demand load curves. He is also tasked with maintaining the NATEM model databases for the hydrogen economy’s supply-demand chains, including parameterizing techno-economic characteristics of emerging technologies. He leads the modelling work package of the H2Clip project funded by the National Research Council of Canada which aims to identify optimal conditions for increasing the cost-effectiveness of hydrogen technologies and pathways, shaping new integrated hydrogen networks between Canada and Germany using NATEM.

Doğancan is part of the Eurosolar Turkey Board and is committed to distributing worldwide expertise on renewable energy, energy efficiency, modelling, and community power practices to Turkish residents for green cities.

Before joining ESMIA, he engaged in a European Union-funded project in Turkey, administrating work packages, liaising with international experts, and preparing educational materials to bring Danish experience to community-owned electricity/heat production facilities. He also volunteered as an instructor, teaching energy system modeling at Turkish Universities, focusing on local government energy planning and renewable energy strategies. He worked with a heat exchanger manufacturer in Turkey to coordinate Scandinavian sales and operations while keeping customers satisfied.

Doğancan holds a master’s in mechanical engineering from Marmara University (Turkey), and a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from Bozok University (Turkey).