Nolwen Stephan, M.Sc. M.Eng.

Energy System Modeller

Creative energy system modeller, leading the development of custom models and tools to bridge strategic and operational planning for enhanced decision-making.

Nolwen is an Energy System Modeller at ESMIA, where she plays a crucial role in developing and implementing advanced custom models, tools and methods (both open-source and proprietary). She contributed significantly to the Local Emissions for Net Zero (LENZ) Modelling Suite to support the City of Toronto with the implementation of its Net-Zero Strategy. She designed a linking tool to bridge a long-term strategic planning model and a short-term operational planning model, ensuring seamless communication between those models and increases value for decision-makers. She also led model development work for the domestic marine shipping industry for Transport Canada. She develops custom data processing tools to visualize modeling results and supports clients with the creation of training videos to allow both technical and non-technical stakeholders to grasp the utility and operation of these models.

Creative by nature, Nolwen actively supports ESMIA’s preparing public-facing briefs and material for social media posts. She is also an active participant in multi-model comparison exercises with the Energy Modeling Hub (EMH, Canada) using the economy-wide energy system optimization model NATEM.

Prior to her role at ESMIA, Nolwen worked for Novea Energies, a specialty firm and leader in the design and manufacture of solar street lighting systems, where she gained insights into a comprehensive overview of electronics, photometry, energy management and lighting manufacturing.

Nolwen earned a master’s in environmental engineering from École de Technologie Supérieure de Montréal (Canada), with a thesis on the emission inventory of the road transport sector of the City of Montreal at high spatial and temporal resolution. She also holds a master’s of engineering in energetical, industrial, and mechanical engineering from École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers (France).