Romain Chaffanjon, M.Sc. M.Eng.

Energy System Modeller

Accomplished modeller, leading the development of custom energy system optimization model and innovative solutions for cities, regions, and countries.

Romain is an Energy System Modeller at ESMIA, where he excels in the development of custom energy-electricity system optimization models tailored for cities, as well as for provinces/states and countries, using several types of open-source and proprietary platforms. A highlight of his work includes leading the development of the energy system optimization model component of the Local Emissions for Net Zero (LENZ) Modelling Suite to support the City of Toronto with the implementation of its Net-Zero Strategy. He also worked with the US Environmental Protection Agency to formulate custom energy system optimization models for New York City as well as multiple other cities in the United States.

Romain always innovates by proposing new calibration approaches to national or cities inventories and new applications of the North American TIMES Energy Model (NATEM) such as for optimal biomass resource allocation in energy transition pathways.

Before joining ESMIA, Romain refined his energy management expertise in both the service and industrial sectors at Veolia, a global leader in waste and water management, and at Imerys, a major mineral mining company. During this time, he developed significant expertise in industrial energy transition project management. Notably, he designed a combined heat and power roadmap, implemented strategies that increased plant efficiency by 10%, and conducted detailed measurements of scope 3 GHG emissions for a multinational corporation, enhancing their environmental compliance and sustainability practices.

Romain holds a master’s in mechanical engineering from École des Ponts Paristech (France) and an engineering certificate in process energy from École Polytechnique Montréal (Canada).