Doğancan Beşikci, M.Sc., MEng

Energy System Modeller

Dogancan Besikci is an Energy System Modeler at ESMIA.

  • He works on NATEM (North American Times Energy Model) hourly databases for Canadian regions by researching and testing technology-specific and demand load curves.
  • He is also responsible for maintaining the NATEM model databases up-to-date for any future modelling applications that require cost-optimal solutions, to ensure ESMIA’s modeling for the most recent technological progress across energy supply and demand sectors. .
  • Dogancan researches developing technologies that are of special interest to ESMIA’s clients in order to parameterize them with their techno-economic characteristics and evaluate how they compete with existing solutions. He specializes in the supply and demand chains for the hydrogen economy.

Dogancan is part of the Eurosolar Turkey Board and is committed to distributing worldwide expertise on renewable energy, energy efficiency, modeling, and community power practices to Turkish residents for green cities.

Dogancan started his career in a European Union-funded project in Turkey. His roles included administrating project-related work packages, communicating with foreign experts, and preparing educational materials to bring Danish experience to community-owned electricity/heat production facilities. He has also volunteered as an instructor at Marmara and Beykent University for two years to teach energy modeling practices at the Bachelor level. He has worked with a heat exchanger manufacturer in Turkey to coordinate Scandinavian sales and operations while keeping customers satisfied, following the market, and defining targets.

Dogancan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bozok University and a Master’s degree from Marmara University Turkey.