Giovanni Hernández, M.Sc., MEng

Energy System Modeller (Associate Consultant-Mexico)

Giovanni Hernández is an Energy System Modeller at ESMIA.

  • He is responsible for managing and enhancing the NATEM-Mexico model to support energy and environmental policymaking in a North American framework.
  • He is also working on the development of energy system optimization models where he is responsible for modelling the upstream oil and gas, refineries and petrochemical sectors and corresponding mitigation options for energy outlooks, energy transition pathways and net zero policymaking.
  • Giovanni has developed a strong expertise in developing proposals for implementing energy models for national energy and climate policy objectives, through the development and implementation of customized modeling solutions.

He is an external honorary ally in Energy Systems at the University of Mexico (UNAM) where he advises the Energy Planning Unit in academic projects.

Prior to joining ESMIA, Giovanni  worked as an energy modelling consultant, mainly interacting with academic institutions, international development agencies and governments to develop and implement oil products supply chains, natural gas transportation networks and electricity infrastructure expansion models for energy and climate policymaking in Mexico.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) in Mexico City. He completed his Master’s in Energy Systems at UNAM.