Giovanni Hernández, M.Sc. M.Eng.

Affiliated consultant (Mexico)

Esteemed affiliated consultant, liaising and supporting key stakeholders in Mexico with decision support from a North American perspective.

Giovanni is an affiliated consultant with ESMIA. He is responsible for liaising with key stakeholders in Mexico and managing energy projects involving the NATEM-Mexico model to support Mexican policymakers with a North American perspective. He specializes in energy systems modeling and analysis, focusing on the optimal expansion of power systems and the design of oil and gas product supply chains. He has developed a strong expertise in developing proposals for implementing energy models for national energy and climate policy objectives, through the development and implementation of customized modeling solutions. He’s expertise in integrating energy system models with policy analysis frameworks makes him a key resource in ESMIA’s consultancy efforts, particularly in projects that require a nuanced understanding of the interplay between energy technologies and policy frameworks in Mexico.

He is an external honorary ally in Energy Systems at the University of Mexico (UNAM) where he advises the Energy Planning Unit in academic projects.

Giovanni has collected 15 years of experience in the Mexican energy sector, particularly in roles that interfaced directly with North American energy markets and policies. As a senior consultant, he was involved providing technical support to government agencies in developing energy and electricity models for policymaking. He has coordinated and developed comprehensive natural gas and oil supply chain network optimization models for the Mexican Ministry of Energy and implemented power sector optimization models in collaboration with international bodies like the Danish Energy Agency. 

Giovanni holds a master’s in energy systems engineering and a bachelor’s in chemical engineering, both from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.