Marie Pied, M.Sc. M.Eng.

Energy System Super-Modeller

Super-modeller of energy systems, steering projects with a focus on solving complex modelling problems for strategic and sustainable transition pathways.

Marie, as an Energy System Super-Modeller at ESMIA, holds a key specialized expertise in economy-wide energy system optimization. She has been instrumental in developing and maintaining the North American TIMES Energy Model (NATEM) for Canada, the United States, and Mexico. As a super-modeller, she oversees the master version of NATEM, ensuring its accuracy through rigorous updates, improvements, and configurations tailored for diverse projects. Marie leads the modelling of energy transition and net-zero pathways, handling our most complex projects for prominent organizations across North America: publications of Canadian Energy Outlooks, contributions to provincial energy strategies, conceptions of global modelling platforms, and assessments of political party climate platforms during election periods. Her expertise extends to creating advanced visualization tools that effectively communicate modeling results to stakeholders for strategic decision-making.

Marie is an active participant in multi-model comparison exercises with the Energy Modeling Forum (EMF) in United States and the Energy Modeling Hub (EMH) in Canada. She is committed to work for a more sustainable world in her professional and personal life.

Before joining ESMIA, she contributed her skills to the CanmetEnergy research center of Natural Resources Canada as a smart grid research associate, where she estimated GHG emissions factors for Canadian provinces using advanced statistical and machine learning methods.

Marie earned her engineering degree from ENSTA Paris (France) and completed a master’s in electrical engineering at Polytechnique Montréal (Canada), focusing her thesis on the integration of space-heaters and water-heaters in electricity load management programs.