Nathan Curry, Ph.D.

Director of Business Development

Charismatic business developer, exploring new opportunities and translating our robust modelling expertise into compiling products and meaningful engagements with stakeholders.

Nathan is the Director of Business Development at ESMIA. He seeks out new business opportunities and strategies for ESMIA’s proprietary and open-source energy-economy modelling and policy analysis expertise. With a strong engineering background in renewable energy systems and energy efficiency strategies, he provides expertise and support with project management, results analysis, and product development. He has extensive experience translating complex technical information and analysis into clear, compelling reporting accessible to a wide audience. He is responsible for RFP screening and leading the preparation of proposals and presentations for consulting, R&D, and data/results sharing. He has a string expertise with formal research, stakeholder engagement, and project development with Indigenous communities across Canada, including in the Arctic Region.

Nathan is passionate about clean energy systems, clean water systems, sustainable waste management, regenerative agriculture, and how these systems can be integrated and implemented to build local autonomy and resilience. He is interested in how innovation, regulation, public policy, and financial instruments and incentives can be deployed more efficiently to build a sustainable future.

Prior to joining ESMIA, Nathan did eight years of business development, commercialization, and project management for a waste-to-energy and water treatment-and-reuse technology company in Canada. He also managed design and prototyping contracts of new clean energy technologies in collaboration with multiple departments of the Canadian government. He has contributed to the establishment of a new regulatory standard for an emerging clean energy technology in collaboration with the Standards Council of Canada, regulators, and Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Nathan holds a bachelor’s in electrical engineering from Clarkson University in New York (USA), a master’s and a PhD in electrical engineering from Concordia University (Canada). He also held a postdoctoral fellowship at the Concordia Institute for Water, Energy, and Sustainable Systems (Canada). His graduate and post-graduate research focused on the integration of small-scale waste-to-energy systems with renewable power systems in the urban and rural environments.