Marie Pied, M.Sc., MEng

Energy System Modeller (Lead Canada-USA)

Marie is working for ESMIA Consultants as an energy system modeller for the North American energy systems.

  • She contributed to developing the North American TIMES Energy Model (NATEM), an economy-wide energy system optimization model, with significant contributions to data work, energy system design and model calibration.
  • She led the modelling and analysis of deep decarbonization and net-zero scenarios for Canada, the USA and Mexico in several projects for high-profile organizations in Canada and North America. 
  • She works on several projects involving the modelling of net-zero scenarios for North America, such as the Canadian Energy Outlookwith net-zero scenarios for Canada for Natural Resources Canada, the PARIS REINFORCE project with deep decarbonization scenarios for the USA, Canada, and Mexico to support a global policy analysis, or an analysis of the federal Liberal Party’s climate platform to identify the gaps to achieve the federal targets.
  • She developed a visualization tool for the modelling results, including multiple figures and tables. 
  • She assisted in multiple meetings to advise decision markers of federal and provincial governments with modelling results.

Marie is committed to working for a more sustainable world in her professional and personal life.

Marie started her career working for CanmetENERGY, a department of Natural Resources Canada, on a project whose goal was to estimate greenhouse gas emissions intensity of marginal electricity in Canada.

She studied engineering at ENSTA Paris, a prestigious engineering school in France and has completed, through a double diploma agreement, a research master’s at Polytechnique Montréal. Her master thesis was about the possibilities for space heaters and water heaters to be used in electricity load management programs.