3E modelling with NATEM

Modelling the impacts of the federal Liberal Party’s climate plan and estimating the gap to achieving Canada’s 2050 net-zero target


Client: Clean Prosperity (Canada)

The Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) made major climate policy announcements culminating in their 2021 federal election climate platform. The policies were modelled in NATEM—including carbon pricing, a clean electricity standard, large investments in industrial decarbonization, subsidies to low carbon vehicles and heating devices, and many others—as an attempt to meet a 2030 climate target of 40-45% reduction in GHG emissions below 2005 levels. The results of this modelling work allowed to quantify the emissions reduction under various scenarios in both 2030 and 2050, the impacts of LPC policy on energy and technology in relevant sectors of the economy, and the costs of the plan to households.

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