3E modelling with NATEM

Building an online Pathways Explorer for a large variety of net-zero scenarios for Canada


Client: Institut de l’énergie Trottier (IET) and Natural Resources Canada (Canada)

ESMIA and IET have a long collaboration history for the development of energy outlooks and energy transition scenarios, including net-zero scenarios. Using the most technology-rich energy model in Canada (NATEM), these publications provide unique insights and guidelines to decision makers from companies and governmental agencies regarding cost-effective policies and strategies to meet ambitious climate goals. The outcomes of this project will reach another level of sophistication with the development of a very large portfolio of net-zero pathways for all provinces in Canada (between 100 and 150) using different sets of assumptions, and the use of a web platform to facilitating the consultation and communication of results to decision makers. A particular focus is dedicated to mitigation options for the industrial sectors, including electrotechnologies, carbon capture, and hydrogen usage as both fuel and feedstock.

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