Alison Bailie, MRM

Lead Climate Policy Modeller and Advisor

Alison Bailie is a Lead Climate Policy Advisor at ESMIA.

  • She assesses the environmental, energy and economic impacts of existing and proposed climate policies.
  • She advises governments on the design of new policies underlying their energy transition goals and supports businesses and service organizations who need to make decisions that account for future policy changes.
  • Alison integrates recent policy developments in ESMIA’s models and ensures that model results represent real-world effects.
  • Her modeling experience includes using energy system optimization (NATEM), macro-economics (gTech), electricity dispatch and capacity optimization (ReEDS) and technology (CIMS) models.

Prior to joining ESMIA, Alison worked as a Senior Policy Advisor for the Government of Alberta, a project manager for the Pembina Institute, and an Energy Modeller for the Union of Concerned Scientists. For over twenty years, she has been analysing and providing recommendations on climate policy in Canada, the United States and Australia.

Alison’s work has contributed to policy and technology recommendations for provincial and state governments, cities, and companies. Her experience spans Alberta’s industrial climate policies, the proposed Clean Power Plan in the United States, Canada’s Clean Fuel Standard to municipal electricity vehicle charging plans. She has also researched and managed projects for individual companies, such as ESG approaches for financial institutions, technology innovation and oilsands impact assessment.

Alison has a Masters of Natural Resource Management from Simon Fraser University and a Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo.